Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Genealogy Hack: Feeding eBay

Jennifer at Rainy Day Genealogy Readings explains how to monitor eBay listings from your feed reader.

If you're particularly interested in a certain city, state or area, checking ebay on occasion is a good move, as interesting photos, postcards, letters, even newspapers, magazines and other historic items often appear up for sale on the site. Even if you're not interested in purchasing the items, just browsing can be a rewarding experience.

Since we're all about being automated and having our content come to us, let's subscribe to an RSS feed for our ebay search!
Good advice. I have eBay subscriptions set up for my primary surnames and place names, and have found several cool items. This 1949 pinup calendar advertises the radio shop of my paternal grandfather's cousin. My father remembers going to his shop as a kid with a broken Philco and being told that it was "inferior merchandise" and not worth fixing. If the picture on the calendar were a little racier, I'd consider buying it.

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