Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Over-edited Obit

Al Turner discovered this example of why it's always best to find the original version of an obituary "copied" by other newspapers.

Well, here's the original text from a "home" paper.

"Mr. Larkin Turner, aged 110 years, died February 23, 1878. He, like the patriarch of old, waited for death 'having set his house in order'. When he felt the approach of death he settled himself firmly in his chair (refusing to lie down), and died sitting erect and without a struggle. He retained his senses to the last moment and died from no disease - nature exhausted. During his long life he had but one short attack of fever, having never taken a dose of medicine until that time, which was about the time he was at 100 years of age; - This he told us himself."

Now here's the other newspaper's edited version of the original obituary.

"Mr. Larkin Turner died in Meriwether county recently, aged one hundred and ten years. Until he was one hundred years old he had never taken a dose of medicine. This is probably the reason he died. People should always take medicine."

Nikki - Notes of Life

The copy of the obituary almost reads as if a teenager might have written it!

Travis LeMaster

Your recommendation to check for the original is good advice. Also, check nearby communities that may have also ran an obit for additional facts.

Terry Thornton

CHRIS. What fun! Just goes to show that if old age doesn't get you, taking medicine will (or maybe taking medicine won't) --- but in event event, the copy writer will have the last say! LOL!


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