Thursday, October 23, 2008

10/23 x 4 = 187

Betty Baker Poynter and her relatives blew out 187 birthday candles today.

Poynter, who turns 85 today, shares birthdays with her 66-year-old daughter, 34-year-old grandson and 2-year-old great-granddaughter -- four generations in the same family, all born Oct. 23.
The odds of four people, at random, sharing the same birthday are approximately 1 in 49 million, said Mark E. Johnson, professor of statistics and actuarial sciences at the University of Central Florida. But in the case of Poynter's family with multiple members, the odds are better -- possibly 1 in 5 million, depending on the number of family members, he said. [Link]


That's pretty cool, but as a selfish actuary, I'm glad to have my 10/25 birthday all to myself! In my family, I practically have the whole month to October to myself.


My niece shares her birthday with Jesus, but he never shows up for cake.

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