Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Barracuda

A man in Tennessee secretly named his infant daughter "Sarah McCain Palin."

While that’s the name father Mark Ciptak of Elizabethton put on documents for his baby girl’s birth certificate, it isn’t the name he and his wife originally agreed on. And it isn’t the name his wife, Layla, thought the baby was given.

“We actually came up with the name Ava Grace, and I secretively went and got another set of forms to send to (Social Security officials and the Tennessee Department of Health), and as of this time, she (Layla) still doesn’t realize what I’ve done. I haven’t broken the news to her yet,” Ciptak said. [Link]
Little Sarah refuses to hold a press conference, but has consented to be interviewed by Sean Hannity.


Was that just an excuse to show the Palin photo again? (LOL) LOVE your blog, it's the best!


You betcha!


Regardless of politics, I think changing the agreed upon name for a child without consultation with your spouse is likely suitable grounds for divorce, if not justifiable homicide. But I'm not married, so what do I know?

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