Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Disclosure Statement

As I was accused in a comment recently of turning this into a "political blog," I should probably disclose that I am related to one of the candidates.

Like Sarah Palin, I am descended from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren. Sarah Palin is descended from Pilgrim John Howland; I am descended from his brother Henry.

I promise you, my readers, that I will not allow this family connection to influence my editorial decisions here at The Genealogue. I pledge to never write on this blog that my cousin Sarah is the best qualified VP candidate in our nation's history. In fact, to avoid even the appearance of bias, I promise to not vote for Sarah Palin on November 4th. I hope that these measures will be seen as proof of my impartiality.

Miriam Robbins

Well, Chris, I'm excited to discover that you're my cousin, too! I'm descended from Richard Warren twice (from two of his three daughters), as well as John Howland.

I won't tell you how I'll vote, but I live just a short drive from cousin Sarah's birthplace, and was born and grew up in the state she now governs. I'm also affiliated with the same church denomination as she; none of which affects the way I vote in the least.


I actually posted a link for Sarah Palin's ancestry.com genealogy to one or two fairly political blogs along with my thumbnail precis, but people on those political blogs took little interest in it. Her family tree didn't mesh that well with the mainstream media's narrative about her. I think the half German, half Irish heritage on her mother's side says more about her than her father's SAR, Mayflower lineage.

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