Monday, October 13, 2008

He Didn't Die in the Outhouse

Lee Jackson Cruse's headstone, which sat on the side of Southwest First Street in High Springs, Florida, for fifty years, has been removed by the city.

Mr. Cruse is actually buried in the New Oak Grove Cemetery but shortly after he passed away in 1958, his wife decided she didn’t like his gravestone. So she got him a new one, and the old one was brought to her home.
Mr. Cruse’s family had fun with the whole situation, making up stories about why Mr. Cruse was “buried” there.

Mr. Cruse’s wife, Sula Mae, told people that her husband was sitting in his outhouse in the 1950s when a storm came through town and picked up the outhouse, then threw it down to the ground, killing Mr. Cruse. [Link]

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