Friday, October 17, 2008

The McCains of Mississippi

John McCain's relatives maintain contact with the descendants of slaves owned by their ancestors in Mississippi.

The black and white McCain families have long acknowledged their shared history at Teoc, a name that applies to both the plantation and the now-sparse community around it. A cousin of the senator still owns 1,500 acres of the original 2,000. Sen. McCain's younger brother, Joe, and other white McCains have attended family reunions organized by the African-American McCains. [Link]
A 2000 Salon article described Sen. McCain as "surprised" to learn that his ancestors owned slaves.
In 1876 ... a Mary J. McCain married Isham Hurt. The two had a son, blues guitarist "Mississippi" John Hurt, in 1892 on Teoc, the plantation community where the McCains owned 2,000 acres.

"Is that right?" McCain asked, after considering his possible connection to the famous bluesman, who died in 1966. "That's fascinating," he said. [Link]

Drew Smith

Let me guess: Back before the Civil War, one of the McCains was running for public office, and a newspaper journalist asked him how many slaves the McCains owned, and the candidate had to admit that he didn't know but that he would have to have his staff get back to the reporter on it.


I guess if you want to prove you've been disowned by your family, a bill of sale could come in handy.

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