Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monstrous Lineage

Sara Karloff, Bela Lugosi Jr., and Ron Chaney descend from horror-film royalty.

"We're all good friends," says Chaney, who lives near Karloff in the Palm Springs, Calif., area. "Sometimes we'll go out for dinner, and when people see the names Chaney, Karloff and Lugosi, it kind of blows their minds."
In many cases, the fans seemed to know more about their relatives than the "kids" did. To them, the actors were mainly Dad or Grandpa; they were rarely on the set or in on backstage intrigues.

"The fans are far more knowledgeable about my father's career than I could ever be," says Karloff, who didn't see Frankenstein until 1957 on TV — when she was 19.

"I was born after Dracula," says Lugosi, whose Hungarian-born father became a star in the 1931 film.

And "it's BAY-la, not BELL-a," he reminds.

He acknowledges that he did change his name to Bill in high school. "As a kid, I didn't like all the attention." [Link]

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