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Genealogue Challenge #139

A 90-year-old woman was found living in Evanston, Illinois, with her three dead siblings.

What were the full names (first, middle and last) of their parents?


Frank Adolf Bernstorff

Lilian Clara Bergold


Frank Adolph Bernstroff
Lilian Clara Bergold


Frank Adolph Bernstorff
Lilian Clara Bergold

Drew Smith

According to his passport application, the father's full name was Frank Adolph Bernstorff.

His wife is mentioned in his book of German grammar as "Lilian Bergold Bernstorff". She appears in the University of Chicago alumni directory as Lilian Clara Bergold.

Ancestry records a New York Passenger listing for 28 August 1930 on the Europa for the following family.

Frank A Bernstorff, age 58, born Nashville, IL, 4 November 1871
Lillian B. Bernstorff, age 48, born Springfield, IL, 10 Dec, 1881
Anita D Bernstorff, age 19, born Evanstown, IL, 13 Aug 1910
Margaret L. Bernstorff, age 16, born Evanstown, IL, 21 Jun 1914
Elaine B. Bernstorff, age 13, born Evanstown, IL, 29 Nov (April is struck out), 1916
Frank Bernstorff, age 10, born Evanstown, IL, 9 April 1920

All members are recorded as living at 1216 Judson Ave., in Evanstown, IL.

Another listing at Ancestry.

For the UK Incoming Passenger lists, dated June 1929, lists the following Passengeres on the Caledonia.

Frank Adolph Bernstorff, Age 57, Occupation Processor
Lilian, age 47, housewife
Anita, age 18, student
Margaret, age 14, student
Elaine, age 12, scholar
Frank, age 10, scholar

A 1966 obituary notice, further notes. Dr. Frank A Bernstorff of 1216 Judson Avenue as Professor Emeritus of the German Department of Northwestern University. Husband of Lilian B.Bernstorff, and father of Anita, Margaret, Elaine and Frank Bernstorff.

The SSDI notes the date of death for Lilian Bernstorff as March 1974

A search on google books results in the “Handbook of German Grammar” by Frank Adolf Bernstorff, PhD of Northwestern University, notes thanks in the preface to his wife “Lilian Bergold Bernstorff”


Additional searches on Google books for Lilian Bernstorff yield an aritcule in Primary Education, titles Local Geography for Third Grade V

By Liliam Bergold Bernstorff, Ph.B, Formerly of the Western Illinois State Normal Schook Macomb, Ill.

Additional listings show a book titled: Abraham Lincoln Centennial: A Collection of Authentic Stories, with Poems, Songs, and Programs, for the Boys, Girls, and Teachers of Elementary Schools”
By Lilian Clara Bergold, Open Content Alliance, Published by Educational publishing company, 1908

A Genealogical book, titled The Prochazkas, from Kutna Hora, Bohemia By George Anthony Prochazka, contains a snippet view with the tantalizing comment. “… I obtained from Mrs. Lilian Berngold Bernstorff, a granddaughter of Clara Best Bergold, who was a sister of my Grandmother Prochazka

And the 1919 Alumni Directory for the University of Chicago, Lists the following conclusive evidence:
Bernstorff, Mrs, Frank Adolph (Lilian Clara Bergold), Ph.B., 1907, 806 Milburn St., Evanston, IL.

Alumni directory


Well done! One source gives Frank's names as "Franklin."

There's an article in today's Sun-Times about the family. It would be interesting know how the children of this intelligent, accomplished couple ended up this way.

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