Friday, November 14, 2008

Inherited Hearsay

A 250-year-old murder case is under review in Scotland.

The murdered man was Colin Campbell of Glenure, the Red Fox, a government agent who was on his way to evict local tenants, Stewarts of Appin, and replace them with his own relatives. The murder was central to the plot for one of Scotland's most celebrated novels, Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped.
Despite a lack of evidence and strong alibi, James of the Glens was convicted of the crime. Now someone has come forward to divulge a long-held family secret, clearing James of the charges.
Anda Penman, 89, a descendant of the Stewarts of Appin, identified Donald, the son of Stewart of Ballachulish as the real killer, having kept a secret that was passed on by word of mouth through her family for more than two centuries. [Link]

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