Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Thumb Pointed Fingers

A century ago on the Michigan peninsula called the "Thumb," J.W. Sparling and three of his four sons died under mysterious circumstances. Relative Jacki Sparling Howard has written a book, The Thumb Pointed Fingers, about the unsolved cases.

The men in her family who died, Howard explained, didn't just drift away in their sleep. All four consecutively died protracted, agonizing deaths and within three years of each other. The community didn't grow suspicious until the grown sons began dying after their father, J.W. Sparling, tragically expired in London, Ontario in 1908.
"Mom heard her relatives offering their different theories as to what happened and why," [daughter and editor Jenny Howard] said. "My grandmother thought it was poison in the orange juice. My grandpa always told her, 'Aunt Violet took the secret to her grave.' My mom never knew exactly what he meant by that, and by the time she had developed her real interest in the case, Aunt Violet was dead." [Link]
A good argument for interrogating your elderly aunts about suspicious deaths in the family before it's too late.

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