Friday, December 26, 2008

A Card They'll Never Discard

One family has been exchanging the same Christmas postcard since 1933.

The card has small tabs meant to be signed by the sender and torn off by the recipient before it's mailed out again. The late Fran Tozer, who originally bought the card, never expected to get it back from her brother, Ed League, her children said. But League sent it back. And Tozer sent it out again. And before long the card was becoming filled with the names of the relatives who had received it.

Last week it was mailed again, this time from Travis County, continuing a 75-year family tradition that has seen the little card crisscross America.

Family names have filled the back of the card and the paper tabs. When those filled up, they stapled new slips of paper to the card. [Link]

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