Monday, December 29, 2008

Eartha's Birth

The lately departed Eartha Kitt had to go to college to learn when she was born.

Well, I thought I was born in North, South Carolina, because that is what I was told. I didn’t have a birth certificate, no proof of where or how old I was until a few years ago. I was living under the understanding that I was born January 26, 1926.

I was doing a benefit for Benedict College in South Carolina and I jokingly, but meaningfully, said, "Well, I am coming down there to do a benefit for you kids. Why don’t you do some research on Eartha Kitt since I was born in that area to find a birth certificate?" I didn’t think that they would do it seriously, but they did it. They found a birth certificate. So it’s Eartha Keith, which was pronounced "Kitt." And it’s January 17, 1927, so I am a Capricorn. [Link]
[Photo credit: Jyh-Lurn (Lewis) Chang]

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