Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Heavily Trafficked Cemetery

John Van Essen pointed me toward this cemeteryRichview Memorial Cemetery (aka Union Chapel Cemetery), located at the junction of Highways 401 and 427 in Toronto.

Everyday, thousands travel these roads. And standing silent as the hectic 20th-century flies by in a haze of cars, minivans and 18-wheelers, are the tombstones of the Richview Memorial Cemetery, lodged at the intersection of Highways 427 and 401.
In 1853, local landowner William Knaggs donated a small plot of land for a non-denominational church and graveyard. A small wooden church was built on the cemetery plot and then torn down when a brick church was built beside the graves in 1888. It was demolished in 1959 when it became impossible to hold services with the encircling traffic. [Link]

Kaisa Kyläkoski

Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland can't really compete with the traffic numbers, but quite a few people tramp and drive over graves from 1600's and 1700's without realizing it. Picture of the cemetery... square at

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