Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where We Came From

FlowingData ran a contest for better ways to visualize historical U.S. immigration data. This was the flashiest entry (each dot represents 100 people):

But this, deservedly, was the winner (pdf):

If immigration quotas hadn't been implemented between the World Wars, Europe would now be empty.

Tim Agazio

I love both of these...the video makes the US look like a black hole sucking up the rest of the world.

You're right, Europe would have been empty if not for new immigration laws between the wars...

Tim Agazio


Although probably not technically immigration, the chart does not address the influx of African slaves and the chart, therefore, does not give an accurate picture of national origins.


True, but by 1820 the slave trade had been banned in the U.S. and it would be difficult to know how many slavers and how many captives slipped through the blockade. One estimate I've seen puts the number of arriving Africans at 1,000 per year between 1807 and the Civil War.

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