Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who's Blogging Where

I've finally picked up on Taneya's suggestion and added a mapping feature to the Genealogy Blog Finder.

Who's Blogging Where shows the locations of bloggers who have recently updated their sites. Just click on a marker for info. Zoom in, zoom out—whatever makes you happy. I've only geotagged about a quarter of the 1,147 blogs now in the database, and will be working in the next few days on the rest. The project should be regarded as "in beta," which is computer-speak for "I doubt it will work for long."

A few thoughts and caveats:

  • Locations are taken from blogs and profiles, and not from any other source. I won't be snooping around for your address (though I am very good at snooping around). If you want to be excluded (or included) just let me know through this form or by email.
  • If a blogger was found to live in one place and write about another, I listed them under their place of residence. With some exceptions. Hey, it's my website, so I can screw it up however I like.
  • If two or more bloggers live in the same location, only one will show up on the map because their markers are occupying the same spot. If you have more than one blog (Yes, Randy, I'm talking to you), only one blog at a time will appear. Again, just let me know if you want to tweak your location to distinguish yourself from a near neighbor.
  • Like the Recently Updated Blogs page, the map is dynamically generated, and will change throughout the day. If you live in the U.S., you can expect to see European bloggers show up on the map with red markers late in the evening. If you live in Europe, you're probably asleep right now.

Becky Wiseman

Pretty cool, Chris! I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to put this together. It's interesting to actually see where everyone is blogging from. Thanks to Taneya for the idea and to Chris for taking the time to implement it!

If you would though, please move my little marker in Indiana from Marion to just a bit north to Columbia City. Thanks a bunch!


Thanks, Becky! I have moved your marker.

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

Hey Chris,

Would love to be included in your next wave! Am in South Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia. Going to pop this in facebook now!

Take care,


Wow, to borrow Becky's term, cool. The maker isn't exactly on my home, but then, I don't really say where my home is. So, I'm happy. Thanks for the work on this.

I actually found out about it from an incoming link in my stats, so people are using it.


Thanks, everyone. It's interesting to see where the markers pop up on the map, and how they correspond with English-speaking parts of the world. We still need find some genea-bloggers in India and sub-Saharan Africa.


Wow, Chris - this is VERY COOL! Thanks for pulling this together.


For your next genealogy challenge, you should try and find out if Val Kilmer (the actor) really has all the ancestry groups he claims he does (Mongolia, Swedish, Sephardic Jewish, Native American).



This is just too cool!!! Can I be included next time??


What fun! It encourages me to keep on blogging out here in the flyover zone. :-)


Don't worry, Linda. You're in there.

Tex, we need more bloggers in flyover country. Once I'm done geotagging, we'll be able to see where we should focus our recruitment efforts.




G'day from Sydney,

Love this feature - it's already brought me a visitor.

My little marker on the Australian continent looks lonely!

Come on, Aussie bloggers, come on and join me on the map.


In the words of all the others... VERY COOL!!!

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