Friday, January 02, 2009

Better Than Being Buried Alive

Sion Barrington gave a presentation recently about Rev. Ebenezer Erskine, who conducted his own wife's funeral back in the 1700s.

The burial process was later disturbed by the unscrupulous sexton. He opened the unfortunate young woman's coffin, stealing her wedding ring by hacking off her finger with a knife - whereupon the "corpse" sat up, having merely been comatose, going on to recover completely.

One of Mrs Erskine's descendants was in Sion's audience, pointing out that the gravedigger had, in fact, severed her apparently-lifeless finger with his spade, the ring remaining a treasured Erskine family heirloom.

Out of politenesss, Sion refrained from asking about the finger. [Link]

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