Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Groundskeeper Willie Got His Name

This week, The Simpsons did its part in keeping alive the Ellis-Island-name-change myth:

Mark Roy

For those that don't care to watch the whole episode, the reference is at 14:12.


Coincidentally, the video I posted starts at about 14:12.


We are unfortunately unable to view the video from outside the United States.
On the other hand, I found the following at wikipedia

According to Willie, he is "too poor to have a last name"[2], although in the Simpsons Comics he is referred to as "William MacMoran". In My Fair Laddy he is also temporarily known as G. K. Willington, Esq.[2]. In the 2009 episode, Lisa the Drama Queen, it's revealed that Groundskeeper Wille's real name was "William MacDougal", but was changed to Groundskeeper Willie by an Ellis Island immigration officer.
Kathryn Larcher
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