Saturday, January 03, 2009

No Longer a Neologism

I just noticed that this blog has reached a milestone. When I search for "Genealogue," Google no longer asks me "Did you mean: genealogy?"

Oddly enough, I have never once said the word "Genealogue" aloud. If asked I just call it "my genealogy blog." I'm fairly sure how it's pronounced, though.

Sally J.

Congrats on your new legitimacy, Chris!

Andy E. Wold

I prefer the Utah pronunciation of "Jenny-log" ;)

It should probably be "Jeannie-log" (or in Cajun "Zhenny-law-geuh") ;)


I award you the Proximidade Award!

This is one of my favorite blogs to read. Thanks!


I pronounce it in my mind as "Gee Knee a Log", rhyming with dog instead of rogue, though since you coined the term, and the English language is anything but consistent, you should make the call.


That's how I pronounce I, too, John.

I wonder if anyone pronounces it "Gee-Knee-a-Log-You"?


Chris- I'd like to send you a rubbing of the gravestone of our ancestor Moses Dunham ...
Just happened on your July 2006 essay of him. My mother & I trudged up to Meeting House Hill Cemetery many years ago, along with 2 boys on a pony to show us the way.
Where should I send pic?
Mary "Pat" Spaulding
b. Hartford, Me


How generous! You can contact me through the email link in my profile.

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