Saturday, February 21, 2009

Half-Drunk Heirloom

Chris James has discovered a bottle of Bordeaux his relative Arbuthnot Guthrie failed to finish before dying.

Guthrie opened the wine in 1897 and drank half before putting it back in his drinks cabinet. He died soon after and in his will left the castle to his nephew Murray, Chris's great-grandfather.

But he left the contents to his wife Agnes.

In a fit of anger, she took all the keys for the pieces of furniture that she could not move - including the drinks cabinet.

The cabinet had four drawers, one of which had been locked by Agnes more than 100 years ago.

Chris had a locksmith examine the drawer and make a new key last year. [Link]



I'm surprised you didn't quote the last line of the article that had me in stictches:
"We hope to be able to convince [the owner of Torosay Castle] that the bottle should be returned home to be with its great-great grandchildren."
I find that so touching!

Actually the most surprising thing is that wine, once uncorked, doesn't keep - it turns to vinegar.

Kathryn Larcher
French Roots Genealogy

A Granddaughter

Enjoyed reading this post (and others) on your blog. Glad to have found you!

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A Granddaughter
Finding Grandpa

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