Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inmate Indexing

If your genealogy addiction leads to a life of crime, be sure to get locked up in Utah State Prison.

There are four family-history centers in the prison, with about 600 inmates doing work on their own genealogies or performing extractions — the indexing of names of long-dead individuals from land records, census forms, birth, death and marriage certificates for a database run by the LDS Church's Family History Library.

Prison-wide, the inmates extract about 500,000 to 1 million names per year for genealogists worldwide to use.
Because they are in a prison, the family-history centers here are not like those on the outside run by the LDS Church. Internet access is very limited, and names for extraction work are those of people who have been dead for decades, to guard against identity theft.

"It does hamper the work a bit," Jepsen said. "It's hard for the men to do some of the research, but it's better than nothing. We work with what we've got." [Link]


While I love genealogy, I can't think of a greater punishment than name extraction. That would be true hell.

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