Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unsafe Sex

Matthew Ward has been convicted of killing a man for having sex in the graveyard where Ward's grandfather is buried.

Prosecutor Nicholas Dean said: "James and Michelle took advantage of the relative privacy of the churchyard to have sex. As Ward and Avison passed the churchyard Avison glimpsed a couple engaged in sexual activity. He mentioned it to Ward."

Ward said: "Are you joking? Are you serious? My grandad is buried there and they are being disrespectful."

Ward went home and told his girlfriend there was someone being disrespectful in the graveyard. He picked up a metal bar he called "the kosh" and, returned to the graveyard and hit 30-year-old Mr Wood on the head three or four times. [Link]
Yeah, nothing's more disrespectful than having sex in a cemetery. Except maybe bludgeoning a guy to death in a cemetery.

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