Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Blogospheric Cloud

I created this word cloud by extracting every word out of every post published in the RSS feeds of blogs listed in the Genealogy Blog Finder in the past week. I then ran those 128,000+ words through a script that winnowed out the less popular terms, and submitted the results to Wordle.

It will surprise no one to learn that the genealogy blogging community is more excited these days about the new version of RootsMagic (mentioned 112 times) than about sex (mentioned once).

Miriam Robbins

What?! Only one mention of sex?! Odd, since that's how family trees get started, I'm told.

Cyndi Ingle

I'm fascinated by the Wordles. This one is really cool - thanks for sharing!


I noticed "geneology" and "cemetary" have finally fallen from favor. Or does Worldles spell check? :)


"Geneology" appeared only once among those 128,000+ words, and "cemetary" not at all. I guess it's the bloggers who spell check.

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