Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ghosts Grist for the Rumor Mill

Melissa Duer owns the oldest extant grist mill in Ohio, and is a descendant of mill's builder Eli Staley. She sued a website for claiming that the mill is haunted, and was awarded a default judgment of $125,000.

Duer claimed stories published about the mill, the Staley family and their history dating to the 1820s have attracted countless ghost hunters and the curious.

That activity forced her and her husband to spend thousands of dollars on security measures at the mill including $35,000 for an estate dog, Duer testified at a March hearing. [Link]
They had to spend $35,000 for a specially trained dog that would not be spooked by all the ghosts haunting the mill bite intruders.


$35,000? Hey, I've got a dog to sell her...

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