Thursday, April 09, 2009

She's Welsh as a Male-Voice Choir

There's a rumor going around that Catherine Zeta-Jones is not Welsh but Saudi.

According to a khaligee newspaper, Khalaf Ben Mousaed El Atri, a Saudi citizen, proclaims that he is the elder brother of international actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. He said her real name is Sita and they lived together in London back then when he was studying there.
Things got more complicated lately when the DNA test done on Catherine's blood in the United States proved that they are really siblings! [Link]
Journalist Rym Ghazal is skeptical.
“Now every other Saudi person is going to claim to be related to her,” said one of my Saudi friends who is always on the lookout for a new conspiracy theory. His latest is that because Catherine’s husband, Michael Douglas, is Jewish, the whole story will “disappear”.

Of course, it could “disappear” because it’s nonsense. Catherine is widely known for being as Welsh as a male-voice choir, with no Arab roots. [Link]
[Photo credit: John Harrison]

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