Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Devil Is in the Details of the Pardon Application

Richelle Hawks thinks she has solved the mystery of Lilly E. Gray's Salt Lake City gravestone—which states that she was the "Victim of the Beast 666." She attributes the inscription to Lilly's husband, Elmer L. Gray, whose 1947 pardon application suggests that he was an "eccentric" man who blamed the government for his troubles.

In the document, he has typed a line that has an affinity with and shares a spirit with the one on Lilly's stone. On the line that asks for "Address of parents," Mr. Gray has written, "Booth dead. Died of grief when kidnapers murdered my Wife." Later, he refers to his arresting officers and prison officials as "Democrat officials," and "kidnapers."
With all the conspiracy, anti-government, sentiments of victimization within, it is difficult and perhaps foolish not to come to one conclusion-that Elmer L. Gray was responsible for placing the outrageous phrase, "Victim of the Beast 666" on his second wife Lilly's gravestone, and that it refers simply to the government, law enforcement and officials, with whom he likely tangled with his entire adult life, and the dynamics and beliefs based on his experiences. [Link]

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