Saturday, May 30, 2009

Devilish Fibs

Strange memorial plaques have been showing up on benches in the UK, supposedly dedicated to relatives of Croy Devenish-Phibbs.

One, dedicated to Bonnie Devenish-Phibbs in Mold, north Wales, reads: 'If you're reading this you're less dead than me.'

Another, in memory of an Autumn Devenish-Phibbs in the town of Stone, Staffordshire, says: 'She would have hated this plaque.'

The living link to these dedications appears to be Croy Devenish-Phibbs, who claims he is a 103-year-old silver surfer, taking a weekly internet class with other pensioners.
More than 70 people have e-mailed him pictures of Devenish-Phibbs plaques, helping him piece together his 'family tree'. One woman who sent a photo got pearls as a reward. [Link]
Another plaque reads: "Barbara Devenish-Phibbs' dying wish was that we got her a bench inscribed with her final words. These, unfortunately, were '*****ing shut ***** pig ****ing, or I'll **** a ***-**** *** It'll **** **** you ***** ****ers off.'"

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