Friday, May 08, 2009

Marry Without Meeting

From a mental_floss post about Weird Wedding Laws Still on the Books:

In Montana, a couple can marry even if neither of them is present. This miracle marriage is done by way of a “double proxy” ceremony. Particularly popular with soldiers deployed overseas who wish to get married without coming home on leave, this type of marriage is arranged through a lawyer, who then hires two proxies (anyone with a free afternoon and a desire for some extra cash) to come sit before the judge, recite the vows and sign the marriage license on behalf of the absent bride and groom.


That wouldn't make for much of a wedding album.


But there's far less chance of getting cold feet if you can stay home alone and watch TV on your wedding day.

Andy E. Wold

Would be great for a practical joke -- "Just kidding, this isn't a proxy wedding. You just married this woman!"

Emery Strand

Let's you think I could get even with my friend and the nosy neighbor in the back yard.

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