Sunday, May 17, 2009

NGS Not Greatly Stylish

The Raleigh Convention Center has been hosting two very different events this week: Raleigh Fashion Week upstairs, and the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference downstairs.

"I did see a lot of young people walking around that didn't look like they belonged to our group," said Dorothy Stanton, 78, who came for the genealogy conference from Danville, Calif. Stanton wore jeans and a gingham top embroidered with cherries.
The genealogists are not blind to style, either.

"Sometimes you get into fashion when you're trying to identify people in photographs," Stanton said, such as using Civil War uniforms to figure out a soldier's unit.

Of the devotees sharing the convention center this week, [Fashion Week organizer Brian] Williams said, "I'd venture to say ours is the better-looking group." [Link]
To be fair, he didn't say that all genealogists dress hideously—just the ones who attended the conference.

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