Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OK, Now Ask Her to Light Up a Spliff

An Englishwoman has learned that she is the not-so-distant cousin of reggae legend Bob Marley. But that doesn't mean that she likes his music.

Carole Tovey, 66, who was born Carole Marley, said she prefers more middle of the road songs.

"I've never heard his music before today. I used to like people like Neil Sedaka and the Everly Brothers. No reggae. No heavy metal," she told the Times newspaper.

Listening to a song by Marley -- who brought reggae on to the world stage with hits like "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Get Up, Stand Up" before dying of cancer in 1981 -- she appeared less than impressed.

"It's all right," she said. "I wouldn't leave the room for it." [Link]

Sheri Fenley

They just keep getting better and better. Thanks Chris!

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