Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Translation: You're a Tramp, and So Was Your Grandma

At a reception for Prince Charles' future wife in 1999, ancient socialite Brooke Astor paid Camilla Parker Bowles a backhanded compliment.

Gregorian said when it came time to toast Parker Bowles, Astor said, "I drink a toast to Mrs. Keppel," an apparent reference to Alice Frederica Edmonstone Keppel, Parker Bowles' ancestor and the reputed mistress of King Edward VII. Astor then said to Parker Bowles, "Your grandmother would be proud of you."

Gregorian said Astor was suggesting that because of Parker Bowles' relationship with Prince Charles — whose first wife, Princess Diana, had died in 1997 — she was following in the tradition of her grandmother. He said Parker Bowles "received Brooke's comments graciously." [Link]

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