Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bigot Tree

If Nick Griffin—leader of the racist British National Party—had his way, his own ancestor would have been locked up, or maybe even kicked out of Britain.

The hate-mongering right-wing boss, 50, has branded travellers “anti-social and criminal”.

So it will be a shock to his followers to discover his great-grandfather George Griffin was a hawker who went from town to town selling cheap goods.

A 1871 census report shows he lived the gypsy way of life, never settling or being fully accepted into the community. He roamed in a horse and cart with his wife Esther and their family, flogging crockery and living in a caravan. [Link]

Family Pursuit

From the research I have done about gypsies, and even from the original article, it seems that discrimination against gypsies (travellers, roma, romani, wanderers, etc) has not changed in the more than 100 yrs since his GGrandfather lived. It was only in researching them, for personal reasons, that I learned that Gypsies were murdered in the Holocaust as well as the Jews. I think it is a great failing of our society that these discriminations have not been rectified.
-Rebekah Martineau

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