Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oh Shea, Can You See Our Initials?

"RNL" (son of "JPL" and "CTL") is hoping to save a piece of Shea Stadium, and with it a piece of his family's history.

My father was an Iron Worker. He was a Union man. He was a hard working man. And he worked on a number of projects including Shea Stadium in New York City. When he worked on Shea, he emblazoned a column of the structure (as he did on all the projects he built) with the initials of our little family; his initials, the initials of my mother, and mine. Shea Stadium is scheduled to be torn down at the end of the baseball season and, unlike so many other large structures that have outlived their usefulness, it will be disassembled instead of being imploded. My quest is to preserve this little bit of family history and I especially would like to have that piece of steel. I no longer live in the New York area and my hope is to enlist the help of someone in New York (maybe you?) to locate and photograph this unique piece of steel before the demolition and that I could convince the demolition contractor to cut the piece out and save it for me.


With Shea Stadium gone now, I believe, I wonder if he realized his dream.


Yeah, you're right. I read elsewhere that he considers the viability of the project "now questionable."

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