Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Only the Neighbors Had Cold Feet

Sheryl and Kurt Jesswein got married in a Brookfield, Wisconsin, cemetery in 1990.

The idea "kind of creeped out" her [previous] fiance, she said.

The two later split up and called off the wedding they had planned two years in advance. But Jesswein didn’t cancel the chapel booking, at the urging of her mother.

Sheryl then dated Kurt, who learned about the reserved date after asking her to marry him.

He thought the setting was "perfectly normal and pretty neat," she said, because like Sheryl, he has a long list of close family who are or will be buried there.

Jesswein said, "Other than being in a funeral site, our wedding was just like any other wedding." [Link]


Sheryl clearly waited for an OK kinda guy who knows the best family reunions are at weddings and funerals. Blessings on ya.

Blaise M.

All the relatives were there!

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