Thursday, July 02, 2009

Congresswoman Takes Leave of Her Census

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says she's not going to fill out her 2010 census form. So Will Caskey filled one out for her.

He said that on a recent slow Friday at his Democratic opposition research firm, he drafted his own census form based on earlier questionnaires and scoured Google and public records for answers — on Bachmann.

He filled in the form [pdf] with her address, phone number, salary and home value, among other peeks into the congresswoman’s life in Minnesota. According to Caskey’s report, she lives on a 2.75-acre property in Stillwater, Minn., in a house that has between eight and 11 bedrooms.

“She can and should expect that people look at the public aspect of her life,” Caskey said. “For her to say that the questions are very personal, it’s a little silly.” [Link]
Caskey couldn't figure out from public records "whether she is selling agricultural products in her home, the state of her mental health, how much she is spending on fuel, or her ancestry." I, too, am not sure about her mental health, but her ancestry is Norwegian.

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