Thursday, July 09, 2009

Home Movie Reconstructions 1974 / 2004

This is all kinds of awesome. Elliott Malkin reconstructed his family's home movies using the same locations and people 30 years later. I'd have to dig up my dead great-grandfather on Christmas and have him sit drunk and dour in an armchair to do this.

Sally J.

Chris, I agree 100% on the awesomeness of this.

Check out Eliot's tribute to his great grandfather using archival materials -- vital records, oral history interviews, and photographs. ::swoon::

Can you get this guy a slot at some upcoming genealogy conference? He's incredible.

Everything I Know About Hyman Victor

P.S. It's a quiet re-opening at this point, but I've started blogging again at my new website.


Welcome back, Sally!

Now that you mention it, I've actually featured Elliott twice before on The Genealogue.

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