Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Say N.O.

Genealogue reader Kathi Mayor sends news that Mayor Ray Nagin has instructed Hurricane Katrina victims who plan someday to return to New Orleans to record the city as their place of residence in the 2010 census.

The unusual appeal flies in the face of a federal policy dating back more than two centuries that requires people to be counted, with few exceptions, at the address where they are "living or staying" on the official census day, which falls next year on April 1.

"The residency rule is what it's been since 1790," said Gabriel Sanchez, director of the Census Bureau's regional office in Dallas, which oversees Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. "We need to count people where they live, not where they plan to live or where they want to live." [Link]
More good advice from Mayor Nagin: When the bungee-jump operator asks how much you weigh, tell him how much you plan to weigh when you finally get around to dieting.


Oh, this is good news for Hawaii. I am going to have my family list our place of residence as Maui. Always wanted to live there.

Sandra Ruffing

I think I'll list my place of residence as Chicago just to mess with my descendants.

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