Thursday, July 02, 2009

Man With Head Wound Thinks He's Abe Lincoln

John "Abe" Lincoln has much in common with his famous cousin.

John will tell you his nose and ears make him look something like Honest Abe, especially from the right side.

But what really links him to the late President: both men were shot in the head. John Wilkes Booth, of course, shot President Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in April 1865. John Lincoln was shot in Southwest Philadelphia in 1971 while working for SEPTA.

"When everybody heard about me getting shot in the head, that's what they started calling me, [Abe]," he said. "People call me John, and I don't respond to it. People call me Abe, I respond to it." [Link]
Only in 2077, when a third distant Lincoln relative is shot in the head, will police recognize this as a conspiracy.

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