Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Proof That I Need to Get a Life

I've published five more posts over at Genealogy Wise, each intended to increase the world's wealth of useless knowledge about a famous person:

Linda Ronstadt: Heiress to a Flexible Ice-Cube Tray Fortune

Mr. McConaughey's Marriage Problem

In Search of a Man Selling Krug

Dead Myth Walking

Before They Were Belushis (or Blues Brothers)


Apparently Genealogy Wise met your price. But that just means your readers have to go to two different places to read your blog. Thanks, but no thanks.


Oh my God, Oxa, you're right! What was I thinking, agreeing to accept money for doing something I enjoy? I should have checked with you first.

And if by "met my price" you mean "offered to pay me slightly over minimum wage for ten hours of work, and nothing for the many extra hours I work," then you're correct. I'm just in it for the money.

Oh, and (as I said when I disclosed the arrangement), the stuff I post over there is not the sort of stuff I would post here. So I'm not shortchanging my regular readers.

In closing, this is my blog, and you can choose whether to read it. You can choose whether to read content I've published on other sites. But please don't suggest that I owe you or any other reader exclusivity, or that I should take a vow of poverty. If that's what you expect in return for my providing you with free content (3,500 posts since 2005), thanks but no thanks.


Gee Chris - I don't know why anyone would complain - having EXTRA content from you is very cool, regardless of whether you're getting paid to do it or not. It's evident that it's something you enjoy and your decision to take a 10hr "job" :-) is your decision - we're not paying for it so please keep up the news we can't possibly use and whatever other tidbits of random info you'd like to post at GW - readers are readers and in my opinion you'll have them in both places!


Thanks, Cindy!


All I was saying is that it was inconvenient having to go to two different places to read your pieces. There was no need to get so bi.., oops, sarcastic about it.


Sorry, I must have misread that "met your price" phrase as suggesting that I had compromised my integrity for cash. An easy mistake for anyone literate in English.


Boy, you sure know how to win friends and influence people! I hope all your readers see your comments because they show your true colors.


I hope so, too. I already Twittered about it!

Dana Huff

I like your posts in both places, Chris. Oxa, get an RSS reader. Makes it more simple to keep up with blogs, and they're all in one place. Bloglines and Google Reader are two popular ones.


Thanks, Dana!

Miz J

Hey, Chris, I have no problem with hopping from one site to another to read your excellent content - it takes all of, oh, 2 seconds and the slight exertion of a few seconds. How, um, inconvenient? Yeah, whatever. You still make me laugh and think. Thanks.


Thanks, Miz J. And I do apologize for making you think.


I’ve never commented on anyone’s blog before, but here goes. I think your reaction to Oxa was way out of line. If Oxa thinks your GenealogyWise blog is inconvenient, then it’s inconvenient for him/her. Ridiculing someone for such a comment, as both you and one of your commenters did, is just plain rude and insensitive. As my grandmother would say, “Were you born in a barn?”

Anyone with any common sense (or should I say “decency”) would realize that his customers are his readers, and without readers neither GenealogyWise nor any other site would pay for his commentary. But I guess you and all your twittering geneablogging buddies think it’s OK to bite the hand that feeds them. I guess if “going postal” generates page hits and mouse clicks, then anything goes. Well, I have a firm policy that I don’t patronize businesses that treat their customers badly, so you and your cronies have lost me as a reader. And if I were GenealogyWise, I’d think twice about renewing a contract with someone who goes postal over a simple comment.



A few points:

1) If Oxa had simply said that my writing elsewhere was inconvenient, without implying that I had "sold out," I would have responded differently or not at all.

2) Several of my ancestors were born in barns, and I find your remark about this quite insulting.

3) I don't have a contract with Genealogy Wise, so I'm not too worried about renewing it.

Drew Smith

Chris, you know the saying "No good deed goes unpunished"? Apparently, providing even *more* content is that type of good deed.

Gee, do you think I inconvenience people because I put some of my content in a book, some in articles (even in different magazines!), and some on a podcast? I suppose I could ask Oxa...


"Gee, Mr. Shakespeare, do you have to write plays AND sonnets?"

(Yes, I'm comparing myself to William Shakespeare.)

Al Smith III

C'mon guys. Stop the cyberbullyng! Chris Dunham, Cindy Curtin, Caroline Pointer, Drew Smith, and all the other twits and bloggers who dumped on Oxa: Grow up! Walter would be ashamed of you.

Drew Smith

It's "cyberbullying" for more than one person to point out when someone's original whiny criticism is out of line?

Who knew?

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