Sunday, July 19, 2009

They're Dating Themselves

Kelly Hildebrandt met Kelly Hildebrandt on Facebook, and in October will marry. But they had to check first to make sure they aren't related.

The couple began poring over their respective family trees – after going back 250 years and finding no common ancestors, knew they were good to go toward a trip down the aisle.

To be sure, sharing the exact same names makes it a little crazy come mail delivery time, and the Hildebrandts have already caused head-scratching for at least one business.

“Kelly (boy) booked us a cruise, and they almost deleted one of our tickets because they thought there was a typo, that they had put in two of one person,” Kelly girl told Wolfe. “Kelly had to call to explain that there were two people with the same name.” [Link, via Megan's Twitter feed]

Andy E. Wold

I know somebody's never going to have an affair by snail mail!

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