Friday, July 03, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Our Ancestors Came to America

10. Took wrong turn at Bering land bridge.

9. Slavers seemed pretty insistent.

8. Sought religious freedom and the right to disembowel Quakers.

7. Nothing good to watch on BBC.

6. Took their orders from Neil Diamond.

5. Potato famine put big dent in profits from Irish fish-and-chip franchises.

4. To oppose anyone else being allowed to immigrate to America.

3. Sick of having unpronounceable names.

2. Wanted the right to vote on behalf of their wives.

1. Hoped to one day be listed on Ellis Island website.


Hey Chris, this top ten list is hilarious. #5 and #1 are my favorites, don't think anyone could imagine the internet back then. You can cross-post this to our site and link back to your site. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

Miz J

Another great top ten list, just in time for our nation's birthday - thanks, Chris! My favorite was #4.

Bill West

Another great post, Chris. My favorite is number 8, because everytime someone talks about how America was founded on "religous freedom" I usually think "Only if you were the right religion.."

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