Monday, August 24, 2009

A 'Boob-tickler' Is Not What You Think

Paul Havemann's genealogy website includes a dictionary of flapper lingo created by his grandmother in 1922. Good thing she accepted her goof's handcuff and didn't drop the pilot before having kids.

Man Caught Wife Swapping

A lawyer in Dubai says his client was duped into thinking she was married.

"The businessman, H.K., has cheated my client, S.A., and deceivingly convinced her that she became his lawful wife before having an ordinary husband-wife relationship. The suspect allegedly tampered his original marriage contract [to another woman] by wiping out his real wife's name off the contract and replacing it with S.A.'s name." [Link]

For Those About to Rock, We Salute Jews

An Australian rock singer learned last week that he is Jewish, and promptly announced it at a concert.

Jimmy Barnes, the Scottish-born singer-songwriter who was inducted into the Australian record industry’s hall of fame in 2005, told more than 1,500 people during a special appearance at a cantorial concert at Central Synagogue in Bondi on Thursday night that he had called his mother hours earlier to ask her why she gave him a Star of David when he was 18.

Barnes said his mother told him: “My mother gave it to me and her mother had given to her so I thought I would give it to you.”

He asked his mom if her grandmother was Jewish, to which she replied that her name was Esther and she was, in fact, a Jew. [Link]

Monday, August 17, 2009

Craved Plays Saved in Grave?

Some people suspect that Fulke Greville wrote several works ascribed to William Shakespeare, and that he was buried with the evidence at St. Mary's church in Warwick.

In an echo of the blockbuster book and film, The Da Vinci Code, the search has been prompted by the discovery by an historian of clues in Greville's writings which suggest he had several manuscripts buried there, including a copy of Antony and Cleopatra.

A radar scan of the sarcophagus has already indicated the presence inside of three "box like" shapes. The searchers believe these could contain documents and a further examination is now being proposed which they hope will finally prove the link between Greville and Shakespeare. [Link]

How to Gain a Naked Cowboy's Trust

Kenny R. Burck is a noted genealogist in Ohio. His son Robert plays guitar in Times Square in his tighty-whities.

"When Bobbie was a boy, I sure did drag him around to a lot of libraries and cemeteries and so on in my own researches, and maybe that contributed to his mental illness so he wanted to stand in his jockey shorts playing the guitar in front of strangers on the street. I’m kidding—the Naked Cowboy isn’t mentally ill, he’s as sane as you or me. He says he used to travel the country to meet a million people, but now millions come to New York City every year to meet him. People sometimes tell him they know him from somewhere or they’re a friend of his dad. The way he’ll know you’re really a friend of mine is if you tell him you met me and then say the one word: ‘genealogy.’" [Link, via Megan's Twitter feed]

Monday, August 03, 2009

Boneheaded Birthers Borrow Bomford Birth

A commenter at discovered that the latest phony Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama bears a striking resemblance to this one, posted on a genealogy website.

It was a scanned image of a "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth" dated in 1964 for a David Jeffrey Bomford on a genealogy website for the Bomford family. Except that David Jeffrey Bomford wasn't born in Kenya, he was born in South Australia. But what was even more interesting was certain other features of the document as compared to the Kenya certificate.

The names of the registrar and the district registrar were the SAME NAMES as given in the Kenya certificate save for the first initials, i.e. G.H. Lavender and J.H. Miller in the Bomford document versus E.H. Lavender and M.H. Miller in the Kenya document.

Also, the book number (44B) and page number (5733) were [...] exactly the same on both documents. [Link]

Genealogue Challenge #146

Comic Lenny Bruce died on this date in 1966.

On what date did his father arrive in America?

Extra Credit: On what date did his parents marry?

Being Al Jolson Was a Capital Crime

The England & Wales, Criminal Registers, 1791-1892, at offer examples of the 222 offenses that led to the gallows.

Going out at night with a blackened face or impersonating a Chelsea Pensioner wouldn't appear to be crimes to rank alongside murder or treason.

But for one savage century they were among hundreds of offences that all carried the death penalty.

The penal code of the time became known as the Bloody Code and until now evidence of its grim toll on the criminal classes of the 19th century has been shut away in ageing registers in the National Archives. [Link]

May the Forebears Be With You

A science-fiction fair in Plymouth, England, allowed visitors dressed up as Star Wars characters to delve into their family histories.

The popular Sci-Fi Day returned to Frankfort Gate on Saturday, but this time included a Nostalgia Event as well.

Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group joined the event with a vintage bus, and the Devon Genealogy Group were there helping people trace their family trees. [Link]

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