Monday, August 24, 2009

A 'Boob-tickler' Is Not What You Think

Paul Havemann's genealogy website includes a dictionary of flapper lingo created by his grandmother in 1922. Good thing she accepted her goof's handcuff and didn't drop the pilot before having kids.


Thanks Chris for posting this link; it's hilarious and an interesting glimpse into a time not so long ago.
I wonder though why "cake-eater" has two different definitions and wish her grandma would have given the definition of one of those definitions - "cake-eater = a harmless lounge lizard" ?!?

Kathryn Larcher
French Roots Genealogy


Well, I guess the two definitions are not inconsistent...


Is a "lounge lizard" anything like a 'couch potato'?


No, a couch potato wouldn't have the ambition to be a lounge lizard. And he wouldn't need to dress flamboyantly like a lounge lizard, because he never leaves the couch.

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