Monday, August 03, 2009

Genealogue Challenge #146

Comic Lenny Bruce died on this date in 1966.

On what date did his father arrive in America?

Extra Credit: On what date did his parents marry?


His dad arrived in New York on 2 March 1907 traveling with his mother, uncle and some siblings. His parents were married 19 June 1924.


Nicely done! Myer Schneider (later "Myron" or "Mickey") arrived in New York aboard the Lucania. He married 19 June 1924 in Suffolk County, New York, Sadie Kitchenberg (a.k.a. "Sally Marr").


Hi Chris,

I've got a brainteaser for you and I don't know the right answer yet. I'm wondering about a couple of Hubbards. Captain Sheldon B. Hubbard commanded the vessel 'London' for the Red Swallowtail line, a fleet of packet ships that carried passengers along with the mail between New York and London, including my German ancestors who arrived in New York in July 1855. They settled in Wisconsin in Sheboygan county, Scott township. My great great grandfather was recruited ten years later to serve with Company F of the 27th Wisconsin during the Civil War. Company F was organized in 1862 and led by a local state assemblyman named Samuel D. Hubbard, who was court martialed and dismissed in 1864. The dismissal couldn't have helped his political career, but it appears he did regain his seat in the Wisconsin state legislature by 1873 and served for another decade. How could I find out if the two Captain Hubbards were kin?


Well, it looks like Sheldon was born about 1817 in Massachusetts, while Samuel was born about 1834 in New York. Not inconceivable that they were related, since both were from the Northeast.


Sam Hubbard looks like the son of Levi and Margaret Hubbard, who were farmers in Paris NY, Oneida county, about 10 miles south of Utica. Sam, age 17, may have had a sister named Phoebe, married to a Luther Johnson. The household also included 6 year old Hellen Baldwin.

Sam appears in the 1860 census in Abbott township, Sheboygan county WI as a laborer age 26 in the household of Elearda and Susan D. Baldwin. He married his wife Electa Jane after the war and they had two sons, Marion L(evi) and Eugene, by 1870. Appears he moved to Buffalo county, south of Eau Claire by 1880 and was still living there in 1905 and 1910 with the family of a third son, Jay.

Sheldon B. Hubbard, the ship captain, should actually be Sheldon G. Hubbard. There was a Jane G. Hubbard, the same age as Sheldon, in Dedham MA which is South Boston. The Hubbard family had been part of Dedham since 1650, so I'd be surprised if there aren't some Hubbard genalogies for that family.

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