Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Gain a Naked Cowboy's Trust

Kenny R. Burck is a noted genealogist in Ohio. His son Robert plays guitar in Times Square in his tighty-whities.

"When Bobbie was a boy, I sure did drag him around to a lot of libraries and cemeteries and so on in my own researches, and maybe that contributed to his mental illness so he wanted to stand in his jockey shorts playing the guitar in front of strangers on the street. I’m kidding—the Naked Cowboy isn’t mentally ill, he’s as sane as you or me. He says he used to travel the country to meet a million people, but now millions come to New York City every year to meet him. People sometimes tell him they know him from somewhere or they’re a friend of his dad. The way he’ll know you’re really a friend of mine is if you tell him you met me and then say the one word: ‘genealogy.’" [Link, via Megan's Twitter feed]

Sheri Fenley

And here I was worrying what people would think of my son's 10 inch red mohawk hair and his tattoos. Silly me!

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