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Friday, October 09, 2009

The Laziest Man in Genealogy

I must say I'm disappointed that Randy Seaver refuses to update's 1930 U.S. census index to include the birthplaces of all the wives and children. He seems to be willing to do it for his relatives, but not for the millions of people who don't show up in his GEDCOM files. And he calls himself a "Geneaholic"...


LOL - only you could get away with chiding Randy!

Randy Seaver

LOL. This is payback for what, eh?

Here I blog eight hours a day, try to correct all of's errors, give three presentations a week, and I get a ration for not correcting the errors in the census records of YOUR ancestors? And everybody elses!

Thanks - made my evening. I'm going to quote your post...fair use, I think - only one paragraph!

Then I have to put in the word verification "sneer" for some reason.


C'mon, Randy, you need to spend less time commenting on blogs and more time indexing the rest of those 123,100,233 birthplaces.



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