Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maybe He's Just Impersonating Elvis's DNA

Eliza Presley claims that she is the half-sister of Elvis. Oh, and that Elvis is still alive.

Eliza Presley, born Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, grew up in an adoptive family. When as an adult she sought out her birth mother, she found that her mother had lived near Graceland in Memphis, and had at times been a part of Elvis' coterie. For a time, Presley, 47, believed she was Elvis' daughter. But according to DNA tests -- she claims to have tested her DNA with both sides of Elvis' family -- the true match for her father was not Elvis himself but his father, Vernon.

Presley is suing Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to try to establish her genetic link to the family. And it was through this struggle that she came to be in contact with "Jesse," whom she now refers to as "my brother," who claims to be Elvis himself, living in secret. [Link]
The incontrovertible proof is presented on Eliza's website. I eagerly await the comeback tour.


That is a funny title. How do you Impersonate DNA. Do you go the doctor and get a shot of Elvis DNA if that is the case everyone would want one. This is interesting that all the so called experts on Elvis would try to shut this lady down. If they can then bring on the proof. Ms. Eliza Presley must have some proof or it would be insane to push this to the courts of this country just to have it kicked to the curb and then she would walk around for the rest of her life with EGG on her face, I just don't think that is what is happening here. It is one thing to say something, but to take a claim like this to court then she must have something in her corner that has some real strength to it or this would end up disasterous for her. I think she has some proof and we will see soon what she has. If she has a match in the DNA to Elvis and he is still in touch with her then this will be the biggest story since Aug 16th 1977 that the world has ever seen. Don't be so fast to ignore her claims the courts haven't so why should the public. Just sit back and watch and see how it un-folds. could it be a possiblity that the world is in for the biggest story of all time. Only time will tell won't it.

Cory Cooper

For any of the DNA evidence to be objectively examined, "Jesse" would have to present himself, otherwise their whole story is a moot point. The case cannot proceed unless this person that provided the DNA sample shows his face. Otherwise, it's just a blind test with unknown samples.

I also only believe the estate of Vernon Presley was reopened as a procedural manner, not because this person had proof and the DNA evidence was not introduced during her first go around in the wrong court.

For anyone to claim they obtained the DNA samples from Elvis' liver biopsies from Baptist Memorial Hospital would mean they obtained them illegally and the chain of custody would be broken anyway to show that they came from him.

Interesting there is no mention of Linda Hood Sigmund who was in the story and her association with Dr. Hinton from Missouri, who had his license taken away for prescribing medicine to "Jesse"

All The Best,
Cory Cooper
Elvis Historian, Consultant, Technical Advisor

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