Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dead Man Dealt the Loser Card

Missoula Cemetery in Montana received an odd letter from France a month ago—addressed to graveyard resident Hakon Kristian Hauge.

It came with a "loser card," a 3-inch piece of cardboard that said, in both Norwegian and English, "I give you the loser card back." And on the other side: "You Lost Loser Too Bad."
Sexton Mary Ellen Stubb succeeded in identifying the sender and solving the mystery.
The letter, it turns out, was an exercise in "psychogenealogy," a field developed over the past 15 years and based on research by another French professor, Anne Ancelin-Schutzenberger. It centers on the belief that each of us is genetically connected to an ancestor. Our lives can run parallel courses to that ancestor, and Levillain told Stubb she'd always felt a connection to her great-grandfather.

To break free from a destructive or negative course, psychogenealogists say, we can disassociate ourselves from that ancestor. Thus the loser card letter, which Levillain told Stubb should properly be burned on Hauge's grave. [Link]

Miz J

Glad I read the whole story via the link - the last paragraph was touching. Thanks for digging up such interesting stories and sharing them with us, Chris.

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