Friday, November 27, 2009

Disturbed Scientist a Potential Serial Killer, Collects 'DNA Samples'

Neuroscientist Jim Fallon—a descendant of Thomas Cornell and a distant cousin of Lizzie Borden—discovered that he may have something in common with his notorious relatives.

Three years ago, as part of a personal project to assess his family's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Fallon collected brain scans and DNA samples from himself and seven relatives.
Dr. Fallon looked at about 20 genetic markers linked directly or indirectly to aggression, including compulsive behavior and mood. One marker, which has become a big target for research, is MAOA, or the "warrior gene."
To his surprise, Dr. Fallon found that the analysis of his own brain showed he had inherited certain high-risk forms of MAOA and other various aggression-and violence-related genes.

"I'm the one who looks most like a serial killer," he says. "It's disturbing." [Link, via Genealogy Reviews Online]

Miz J

Looking at the recent trends of postings, and wondering...
Chris, is there something about yourself - or your family tree - you'd like to share? :)


I assure you, it is the world that has gone mad, not me.


Creepy! That is one of the disturbing things that can be found through geneology.

Tim Agazio


Thanks for he link...I do appreciate it.


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