Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome to the Family

When Matthew Roberts set out to find his biological father, he never expected to find Charles Manson.

Matthew, 41 - who bears a haunting resemblance to his father - sank into depression after discovering his identity.

He has since been in contact with his dad in a series of letters to his California prison and Manson has replied - each time chillingly signing off with a swastika. [Link]

Miz J

Wow, and here I was a bit embarrassed to learn my great-grandfather was a Civil War deserter.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer

Oh, my, talk about a skeleton you'd want to leave in the closet....


If he were to research his paternal ancestry backwards, he would doubtless find the rest of his family to be interesting, sober, productive and trustworthy individuals. A monster like Manson is one individual, the choices he makes are his alone. The man's paternity is a doorway into the past, not a brick wall. If ever someone would benefit from seeing the larger family, he would.

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